Thursday, August 24, 2006

Breaking The Surface

"Hazel Dooney found considerable commercial success early in her career with self-portraits rendered in tight graphic lines and highly charged colours. With a strong nod to pop art, these works were very much about surface and, as such, came across as slight and one-dimensional. With her current show, however, Dooney has ripped the surface asunder, revealing a troubled and troubling potpourri of psychological self-investigation and an obsessive fascination with arcane ritual.
"With her earlier work, one wondered whether she could in fact draw. Venus in Hell removes all doubt. For all the cacophony of imagery, there is a surety of line that balances the maelstrom of blood, skulls, bones, snakes and flames that leap from the paper..."
From Ashely Crawford's review of Venus In Hell in The Sunday Age, Preview Magazine, Melbourne, last month.


richardwatts said...

Welcome to the blogsphere, Hazel!

PunkClown said...

btw Hazel, you might want to turn on the "show word verification for comments" in your blog comments settings (and perhaps moderate comments) as it can help prevent the affliction of "comment spam"