Thursday, September 21, 2006

As Dull As Watching Paint Dry. Not.

Sometimes the life of an artist has very little to do with art. For most of this week, my life has been about the tedium of catching up with administrative stuff I’ve neglected for a couple of months: filling in earnings reports for the tax department, paying bills, interviewing people for the job of my assistant, and organising the shipment of a dozen, framed works to buyers in the UK, Melbourne and Adelaide. I wouldn’t have bothered with all of this – I would have happily put things off for another month! – but I have been waiting for the delivery of some paint supplies so I can begin work on a large commission that is due in about six weeks.
I am almost finished the bookwork. I have, I think, found a wonderful assistant. I have another few works that will have to be sent on Monday, when the framer has finished working on them. After that, I can get back to my real job.

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Lauren said...

Ah yes.. the not so fun side of making art. You are very lucky putting on an assistant, I dream of the day I can do that. I am thinking of hiring my father to wrap and send paintings, and pay him per parcel haha that's one job I could always do without.