Thursday, September 28, 2006

Brand Aid

I'm heading up to Newcastle tomorrow, to speak as one of the panelists at the National Young Writers Festival.
When I first looked through the program I was excited. I even made a list of events that I'd like to attend. Later, as I read the blurbs more carefully – and experienced the frustration of trying to access the event's two websites without much luck - my excitement waned. Why does everything in Australia have to be so imitative and unimaginative?
I've lost interest in my own panel as well. The Griffith Review is a really intelligent journal, and I am proud I was included in its current issue, The Next Big Thing, but I don't understand why the launch of the issue is marked by a discussion on branding. Worse, it's titled The Brand Called You – way too early Nineties, and so not youthful (the theme of the issue). A good brand has one clear message, and is necessarily attached to a product or corporate identity: why on earth would a creative individual want to limit themselves in such a profound way? The idea repels me. And my panel is just one of a number of crassly titled workshops on marketing – at a young writers festival!? (It only serves to further reinforce a prejudice against writers
I formed at the recent Byron Bay Writers Festival)
For an event that should be conceptually fresh, it all feels pretty stale.


David said...

Stop it!

Anonymous said...

'Why does everything in Australia have to be so imitative and unimaginative?'

Why don't we ask one of our intellectual elite, Hazel?

- Allan