Saturday, September 23, 2006

Nostalgie De La Merde

I have never deleted a comment here before but I made an exception when it came to this one, posted by Anonymous, to my entry, Yeah, I'm Talking About You:
"Hazey, you sound like a spoit brat who actually cannot paint! The must be a reason to why people rather focuse [sic] on your arse. You probably use your fucking arse to get their attention in the first place! Shall we mention the dude you are fucking right now. Does he have a bit of cash on him! Yes, l think he does! Everyone in the art world knows, my dear hazey. You are only fooling yourself. By the way, l bet you are happy to take the rich patrons money,aren't you? ... Are you giving your pussy up for him to manage as well?? Maybe you should go and have a glass of the fine wine that your patron gave you and find some reality!! Your once patron know [sic] hates what you stand for. Good luck because you need it!
"P.S We all know why Crawford review [sic] you! Did he leave an imprint your arse too! "
I now think it was a mistake to delete it. In every way, it underscores the very attitudes within the Australian art world that my entry attacked. For every woman who makes it, in every business, in every part of the world, there is at least one ugly male who will claim that she fucked someone to get there. The art world is no different.
I know who wrote this. The use of my old nickname, among other things, gives it away. It is one of the dealers I referred to in my piece – oddly, a man who also thinks of himself as a writer on art, although he betrays with his poor grammar, misspellings, haphazard punctuation and unimaginatively crude language the total lack of literacy that has made him something of a laughing stock among serious gallerists and collectors. He is also, clearly, a coward – why else post anonymously? I am not even going to bother to defend myself. Fuck him.
Actually, he's already fucked, if his increasingly seedy reputation is anything to go by. The most charitable joke about him among working artists and gallery owners is that he can smell an old or injured artist from 100km away – he makes a good living from preying on (or in his words, 'helping') them in exchange for their paintings. It's even rumored that he goes so far as to paint some of their work for them, even after they're dead. And maybe dead was what he was hoping I would be when a colleague of his tried to get me to sign an appallingly dodgy contract - of which I still have a copy, in his handwriting – when I was clinically depressed and suicidal.
As for his comment about my 'once patron', I wonder how that patron might feel towards him if he had heard the graphically sexual comments this cowardly, rape-fantasizing misogynist made about the patron's then 15 year old daughter in their own home.
Anyway, I have now aired his rant here and responded. In the future, I'll delete his comments just as I have deleted this piece of shit from the rest of my life.


mh said...

This is just magic. I'd never heard of you until an article in Saturdays paper, and got a real familiar feeling - bush stuff (I thought I belonged with the remoteness of gum trees for a while, and my moves too were promoted by finances, and a willingness for some 'other' things), and the sending of mail to clarify fine points - just typical. I havn't actually read the blogs, but will explore this site further. Am now realizing the muscles controlling my eyes focus are aging, and I am beginning to use glasses when reading - but don't feel like using them now. Have an excellent pair from a boarding house I once stayed in, they'd been left, and they do bring the print well into focus. Don't mind too much, the glasses are old, very delicate, but sturdy, and I have been studying chemical engineering at the UQ for the last couple of years - and that just adds to my transition as that genre of being.
Now as the limited few drawings I have seen had a distinctly female agenda, and I am yet to read the blogs, I have no response. The story in the paper though seemed most familiar and after having meet so many talanted - as I see it - people whiling away to the nether - it is so refreshing to see one undaughtedly 'making it'.
Now what happens with this note - at the outset I felt HD may read it during some downtime, but have thought it may be for public viewing as a response to a particular article. Guess I will soon find out. What I do make of Hazel Dooney I think would only embarrise her. Her apparent forthrightness is like a fresh wind. Excellent and I will continue to explore.

Jennie Rosenbaum said...

Hazel, you continually impress me with your strength through all this. It is a truism that there will always be people who think chicks sleep their way to the top. It's even worse if the girl has the temerity to look good. It's sad that they are so small... minded that they need to bolster themselves on a wave of testosterone.

Jules Faber said...

Hi Hazel,

I'm a (male) comicbook artist and cartoonist myself and think your stuff is just fantastic. The Venus series is amazing and I'm glad you don't take the comments of losers like this guy to heart. Just keep staying true to yourself like you are and these type of people will slowly become weeded out and exposed for what they are (as this guy is apparently already experiencing).

In life there are those who can and do; there are those who can't and teach... and then there's those who can do neither and must belittle the ones who can. It's a sad truth, but one we can live with for at the end of the day, everyone knows who the stronger person is.

Just keep rolling. You're doing great. I'm sorry to say I've only just been introduced to your work, but I'll be watching it in future.
It's awesome.

texasliv said...

I now know why so many fail in this art world. It is not engouh to have that god given talent of someone who can weave a special magic with a brush or pencil(and you do weave a beautiful magic!), you have to put up with people like this guy, not to mention all the other creeps who seem to inhabit the "art world"! I always feel so sad when someone so desperately tries to hurt another,obviously this man has felt rejection (mainly female!) and hits out in the most vile and underhand way.

I know you can paint.
I know you are beautiful, inside and out.
I know you love your boyfriend for so many things.
I know you are true to yourself.
And more importantly I think you know all of these things, how else do you create those wonderful honest works of art?

noah Hutchison said...

To Hazel .... Keep kickin' ass!

Nobody's Girl said...

"People" who take the time to leave venomous (and, typically, unfounded) nasty comments on blogs are an entirely separate breed of low life scum. Especially those that leave them anonymously.

I applaud you for outing this person and hope their karma comes knocking on their door. Soon.

Personally, I think you rock. Hard.

Carolyn Ann Pappas said...

I once had an ex boyfriend who gave me a very good piece of advice when dealing with people of this sort: "just delete them". At the time, I didn't really believe him, or I didn't want to. I've since realized that his advice was valid and now it has been affirmed by another person. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

What amazes me is that some people actually think that a successful woman can actually sleep her way to the top. Madonna has been quoted as saying that you can only sleep your way to the middle. In Most cases sleeping with a boss or professional associate is usually more detrimental to a woman's career than it is in advancing it. Take Monica Luenisky: What became of her career in politics? Cheral Kernot was also very damaged when people found out about her sexual escapes with a political collegue.
Thanks for your post.