Friday, September 22, 2006

Upstream Of The Data Flow

Tomorrow, Queensland's leading newspaper, the Courier-Mail, publishes a 3,000 word profile of me by Matthew Condon in its weekend magazine, QWeekend. I am still trying to live down a story I told him, a little rashly, about what I learnt about controlling goats during my childhood in the back-country of rural Australia. I am praying that Matthew won't quote it.
I'm always a little nervous just before anything about me – or my work – is published in the press. I concede that I'm a bit of a control-freak and I dislike surprises. I am also not yet used to there being so much about me floating out there in the ether, so many elements of my life now irreversibly a part of the public domain. Sometimes, I pick up random data about myself as I surf the web. Not much of it is true. It causes me to wonder what sort of picture of me the sum of all this corrupt data creates in the imagination of people who don't know me but who are alert to my reputation?
(The portrait above is by Russel Shakespeare, who photographed me for QWeekend at my studio north of Sydney. Note to self: renew gym membership!)


texasliv said...

I am very curious about this goat story. If the journo doesn't publish it, can you tell us?? Ahh the good old days of being a wild bush kid. Evangeline is well on that road, she can get under a barbed wire fence quicker than a kangaroo!!

Kathryn Brimblecombe-Fox said...

Hi Hazel,
Well done! I think it is great you are doing so well. I know it means lots of hardwork...paperwork too as you mentioned in one of your other posts. I lived in Goondiwindi for a long time...not far from Bonshaw.

crybaby said...

this is one of my favourite pics of you from the black and whites