Sunday, September 03, 2006

Work Ethic

You can tell from the length of the last few blogs that I've been spending way too much time on my back – or my arse – lately, taking it easy, rather than making art. This morning, my head is clearer and I'm not suffering hot and cold flushes and a headache: it's about the most human I've felt for nearly a month.
I'm still getting to grips with prioritising my increased work load. There are commissions, preparations for next year's shows, public talks, and the few bits of writing I've taken on (I've got another piece to do for the Griffith REVIEW, and I'm meeting with a literary agent this week to discuss a proposal for a book). The truth is, I find it a little overwhelming and I'm beginning to understand why some artists surrender to the impulse to churn out versions of old work to satisfy the market. But I want to use the revenue and momentum I have to expand my creative ambitions and ideas beyond painting into other media, to take a few risks.
Of course, it could all end up being a complete disaster, in which case I will have plenty of time to sit on my arse again.

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