Saturday, October 14, 2006

Body Work

My new assistant came to have lunch and hang out with me while I painted. She doesn't really start the job until next week, but I wanted to get to know her first, and talk more about what her job will involve. One of the things she'll be doing is preparing my food - four or five small meals a day. She loves to cook, and is what I think of as an educated vegetarian. I'm not. I'll just have to cook my own meat.
When I'm alone I skip meals, or eat very bland food. I used to decide what to eat based on what cost the least, so I could buy more art materials. Eating raw or blanched vegetables and little else meant I could spend more time working. Now whatever resilience remains from a healthy childhood has been diminished by my own lack of care and outright self-abuse. With a better diet, I'm hoping that I'll notice a difference within a couple of months.
I'm also rejoining a gym, which I've avoided for almost a year. The one closest to me is like one sprawling posh suburban nightmare encapsulated in another. My boyfriend gave me some old-fashioned earphones for my iPod, so I plan to cocoon myself in Glenn Gould, Moloko, and Henry Rollins' spoken word CD, Get In The Van . At least technology helps me create an alternative, more pleasant environment within another that I find oppressive.

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Jennie Rosenbaum said...

This sounds familiar somehow.. My husband is constantly trying to feed me while i work! I think he would be most interested in your assistant's recipes if they work out ;)