Monday, October 09, 2006

Fatal Attraction

"Life is on the wire. The rest is just waiting." - Papa Wallender, legendary tightrope artiste.
I spent at least half this day sick or sleeping off the effects of using enamel paint. My tolerance to it has declined in the year or so since I last used it. Tomorrow morning I'm going to my favourite industrial paint store to buy a protective suit and some fresh chemical filters for my mask. I'd take a photo to post here but it feels too ridiculous. Then again, the ramifications of not taking it seriously are anything but ridiculous.
I've been reading about the sculptor, Eva Hesse. She worked with lethal material and was diagnosed with a brain tumor, probably caused by the carcinogenic fumes wafting around her studio. She died at 34. I love her work: abstract yet emotional and fragile. I love the way she drew line and light into her pieces and how she made impermanent, unbeautiful media incredibly tender.
I understand all too well why she didn't change materials, even when she understood their toxicity, even when she knew, in the end, they were killing her.


Anonymous said...

Hazel you go girl.
I have been getting your studio notes for a while , but love the blog.

I'll pop in regularly

pax tanja stark

David said...

I think your watercolour/drawings remind me of William Blakes work.
The characters seem to be participating in some personal mystical experience. Some dark events are transpiring and conspiring, yet Blakes work had elements of hope.Your enamels are cunning fun games like your titles but the watercolours seem darker more personal and bound.

JenXer said...

"I'd take a photo to post here but it feels too ridiculous."

Posting a photo of myself is the first thing I did when I put on my new mask for the first time.
Wearing it made me feel like a total badass; like I was ready to REALLY start making serious art.

Of course, I am also no stranger to ridiculous. It is often all that keeps me sane.