Monday, October 23, 2006

Today Was A Good Day

My new assistant started today. As a result, my anxiety has begun to dissipate. She's practical, capable and in one day, has managed to accomplish what my last, short-lived assistant could not in ten. Better yet, while she spent all day schlepping around the city doing errands, I worked.
I am almost high with relief. After weeks of dragging my ass around the studio – or, worse, lolling around on my daybed too enervated even to read a magazine – I am re-energised, alert, and joyful (well, almost).
I'd started to wonder where the all the fun I usually derive from creating had gone. I haven't written in my journal for months. I haven't sketched or painted for pleasure. Instead, well, I've panicked. A lot. Now, it's as if the stifling grey shroud that was draped over my mind has been lifted, and along with it, an overwhelming, dulling sense of tedium. I can't wait to get back to my real life, to get back to everything.
Yesterday seems a very long time ago.


PunkClown said...

Wow, I haven't checked in for a while but I'm pleased to hear your latest news! A new assistant. A new surfboard, a new camera (a Leica no less!!) Even a new handbag!
I know it's not all about material things (but they can help one's mood)
Yesterday will always be yesterday, it is what we do with the ever moving now that matters (says me, who never seems to be able to organise my own time properly *heh*). Welcome to the rest of your wonderful creative life Hazel!!
Stay brilliant.

Cookster said...

Hi Hazel - I used to do the PR work at Metro 5 and always thought your work was just outstanding. It was a shame when you split with the gallery, but great to see that you're back and firing on all cylinders. I too agree with your asessment of Andrea - a wonderful guy indeed. I'm now in Perth and immersed in by own blogger world:

alex said...

you've posted some inspiring quotes lately - thanks. couple from Robert Henri thought might be good to chew on - "All any man can do is to add his fragment to the whole. No man can be final, but he can record his progress, and whatever he records is so much done in the thrashing out of the whole thing. What he leaves is so much for others to use as stepping stones to step on or stones to avoid."
"It is only through a sense of the right relationship of things that freedom can be obtained."
read his book The Art Spirit? necessary and timeless in a post-modern nonsense world..