Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Another Dot On The Matrix

I shouldn't be surprised at the random way things find their way onto the web but I am. It's almost as if there is some real world web crawler, an insidious, utilitarian piece of hardware that roams the shadows of our physical spaces as well as our virtual ones and sucks up whatever stray or disused data it comes across. It then redistributes them haphazardly online.
A couple of months ago, I gave an interview to an Australian freelance journalist, Katerina Kokkinos-Kennedy, who was writing a piece about how artists are beginning to exploit the web as an alternative to the traditional gallery system. Unfortunately, the piece was spiked by the editor who had originally wanted it. I figured that was the end of it.
Silly me. Last week, it surfaced on the web, quoted in full as an entry on a UK artist's blog, PictureDreams Studio.

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