Thursday, November 02, 2006

Home, Sweet Home

I have been thinking about moving for a while. I have outgrown the two-bedroom apartment that has served as my office and studio for the past year, and my lease on the beach house nearby that serves as both a larger studio and temporary accommodation runs out next month. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find anywhere that is, at once, big enough to serve as an office and studio space and pleasant enough to satisfy my growing need for some place in which to make a home.
Until yesterday when, almost by accident, I did: a three-bedroom, timber pole house set on a few acres of raw bushland overlooking a wide bay fringed, along its uninhabited western shore, by a national park, just a mile and a half from the beach house. The master bedroom and the living room have varnished timber floors and open onto a wide verandah with uninterrupted views across the smooth waters of the bay, and beneath the house is a huge area of bare concrete, roofed by the house itself, where I can paint my enamel work in fresh air. There is a pleasant office for my assistant, plenty of storage space, and a laundry room where I can store my paint and keep my brushes and other material clean. The next-door-neighbour is a sweet, funny, elderly woman who, many years ago, produced two of this country's best-known films, Picnic At Hanging Rock, directed by a young Peter Weir, and Gallipoli, also directed by Weir and starring an even younger Mel Gibson.
I went to the real estate agent's office and told her I would take the house straight away. I filled in an application for a year's lease, paid a deposit and retreated to a café for a nervous lunch while I waited for my tenancy to be approved. Which, of course, it was. Now I have two studios, an office, and all my personal stuff to move in just three weeks. Somehow it doesn't seem at all like a chore.
I can't help thinking of this as the beginning of an exciting new chapter of this new life I've made for myself – and my very first attempt to create a real home of my own.


Simone Maynard said...

congratulations! the place sounds wonderful. perfect for making art. i just discovered your blog today - i love it.

jafabrit said...

wow, that sounds FANtastic.
enjoyed visiting your blog. I like your thoughts on luck.