Tuesday, November 14, 2006

On The Move

I've been staying out of the way at the beach house studio, painting, while my assistant makes arrangements for the 'big move' at the end of this month. She has packed all my books, art materials, and personal belongings, including my most treasured possessions: a couple of Zuni fetishes, a tiny Mexican soapstone Madonna, the paper on which I first wrote my boyfriends' phone number (then absentmindedly drew an angel), a china doll with a raggedy dress I've had since I was a child, an old hatpin of a crow enfolding it's wings with feathers made of black sequins.
The move is my assistant's project. I don't have time to give her detailed instructions but I've noticed that she's carefully wrapped all the above items in glassine paper, just as I would. She has also spent a lot of time on the telephone, getting quotes from removalists and trying to nail down the logistics so that the move will be effected as quickly as possible and my work can go on after only a brief interruption.
It's a huge relief that I'm able to work without having to think too much about all this. I don't have time to do otherwise. Every room of my studio is filled with commissioned works in various stages of completion, from five large enamel and acrylic works to a suite of ten acrylic studies on paper for one collector, a suite of four for another, as well as sketches, watercolours, and photographs.
I can't wait to be in my new home. There's a huge, open-space there to use as a studio and plenty of storage – all of it separate to the living areas. For the first time in over a year, I'll have my whole life under one roof. Already, a five minute drive is too long when all I want to do is make art.

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good luck with the move.