Saturday, November 04, 2006

Picture Me

I have never been much into television. I've always thought of it as sedating and depressing. Still, there are moments when it can be pure inspiration. Today, I watched A Tribute To Jacqueline Du Pré, a documentary on the prodigiously talented but disturbed cellist who developed severe, degenerative multiple sclerosis at age 28.
The Du Pré film made me realise the importance of capturing not only great performances, but the lives of the performers themselves, especially when they reveal their process of creating work, and the personal cost that goes along with it.
My own life and work is as undocumented as it has been, until recently, unremarkable. I have a few scraps of paper – mostly rough sketches, notes, and some personal correspondence – as well as photographs of most of my completed artworks (all now owned by collectors) but little else. That's going to change now that i have a better understanding of why a record of the intricate way that art is intertwined with my life just might be important. If nothing else, it might one day help me to make a little sense of the choices, both personal and creative, that I have made – or failed to.


Anonymous said...

That's so true.
It occurred to me a few weeks back that if, 30 or 40 years down the track, you decide to write an autobiography, most of words should come from this blog. In that regard, much of the hard slog will be out of the way. Keep writing for an easier future!


d.edlen said...

Exactly. That's the main reason I started my blog, as a public journal. As Hugh says, nobody cares, nobody but me. Future me.


elizabeth said...

Is there a way to back up the blog? i have heard of users losing them. I photograph everything I make. That is one way to document. I like your writing style Ms. Dooney.