Friday, November 24, 2006

Rules Of Engagement

I think of this blog not as a public space but rather as a personal one. I created it so I could share with a few friends and fellow artists my thoughts about the emotional and technical processes of making art (and making a living from it). I wanted it to be somewhere I could express myself honestly and without restraint, even it meant being, metaphorically speaking, naked.
New visitors are always welcome. Assholes are not. Over the past few months, I've received a handful of incoherent rants and downright nasty little notes submitted as comments. I treat them like abusive phone calls - I just hang up.
There's one in particular – I'll call him 'McDealer'. I responded to his first schoolboy-smutty, sexist spew here but he just can't help himself. He continues to post, despite the fact that:
i) after his first, very ugly note, I obtained his IP address, so now I know exactly who he is, and from where he has been posting;
ii) I know this even when he posts anonymously or under a psuedonym.
He also doesn't appear to understand that posts are not published on this blog automatically; they are sent to me first for approval, and I choose either to publish or to delete them. I always delete his.
With the exception of McDealer's diatribes, I'll publish any comment that isn't gratuitously insulting or mean-spirited, even if it's critical or contrary. That said, I have little respect for those who try to start an argument with an anonymous post. If they're not as willing to stand by their remarks as I am by mine, then why the hell should I give a toss?
My space, my rules.


Nathalie Winberg said...

Sounds like that guy has more issues with himself than he does with your art, but for some reason thinks he can deal with them by being an ass to you.
He's in that place where people can't be reached. You know, when they behave like asses and won't acknowledge why or what issues they're trying to deal (or not) with.

I love reading your blog, I'm sorry you have to even spend a second on deleting his comments. If it's a fixed I.P. then perhaps you can just ban it?

crybaby said...

damn right!

S x x

Sara said...

Hey Hazel, good to see you're doing so well. I'm in Norway, waiting to give birth to my firstborn in approximately 6 weeks! It's all very exciting. All the best, s.

Cookster said...

Too right Hazel - these people are a waste of oxygen.

Batman said...

Thinking that I read this a long time ago, and it's why I decided to follow you.... STay sane :)