Sunday, December 17, 2006


Along with the relief of having finished a relatively large piece using a medium as allergenic (at the very least) as enamel, I now have a little time to do another work on paper. It's almost like a reward.
Over the past year, I have done only a very few works on paper using pencil, ink, watercolours and elements of collage but they have been among the most intimate and meaningful of all my output. They're an opportunity to let my imagination flow without any of the strictures that, in my hard-edged work, begins with the preliminary sketches, colour plans, and photographs and continues through the drawing of a detailed image onto carefully crafted timber board and the rigorous, incremental process of applying segments of shiny coloured vinyl and multiple coats of enamel, all precisely outlined in more enamel.
It's little wonder the works on paper have disconcerted several of my collectors and gallerists, although they've been appreciated by critics. They're anything but accessible. Most are complex allegories derived from my basest fears and fantasies.
I'm not going to waste too much time trying to figure out what they'e really about. It'll either become apparent as I paint more of them – or it won't.

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d.edlen said...

So often words muck up visions. Artists ramble and deflate their art, demystifying it.

You don't.

Very impressive.