Saturday, December 16, 2006

Life's A Beach

I have always wanted to live near the ocean.
As a child, I spent every holiday at the beach. It took a day or more to drive there. My brother and I didn't have boards, so we bodysurfed and swam. We were always in the water, no matter how cold it was.
Later, when I learned to drive, the first thing I did was take off to the beach. I loved to experience the surf pounding the shore, to imagine the shells, rocks and coral as they were crushed into fine grains of sand by the ocean swell. The long, relentless process makes the frenetic, land-bound striving of short-lived humans seem even more futile.
Living near the sea has changed me. I'm healthier. My skin is tanned and the whites of my eyes are clearer. I walk a little looser. But it hasn't caused me to slow down, the way it does with many people. If anything it makes me even more aware of the passage of time. It makes me want to embrace each day more, to suck each breath in harder, to live as much life as I can.

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Kirsty Hall said...

When I visited Australia last year, I really enjoyed the beach culture. I especially loved seeing all the tiny kids in the water in their wetsuits learning to swim and surf.

The Australian coast is one of the most magical places I've ever been. Coming from a damp, cold February - I went swimming in the ocean at Manly on my first day. It was almost unbelievable to even be there and then I looked up and saw parrots flying overhead and just started laughing aloud with sheer delight.