Friday, December 08, 2006

Lino Cut (And Run)

I've been lying low for a a few months, getting to grips with not only several, long-delayed commissions but also the first, tentative ideas for a new series of large, acrylic paintings I hope to exhibit at the end of next year. I haven't done any press since my last show, at Melbourne Art Rooms, in July. Back then, I seemed to come across my words and pictures everywhere – from the financial and cultural sections of metropolitan newspapers and the gossip columns of color weekend supplements to the flimsy, recycled pages of obscure art 'zines – and although a couple of magazine articles about me have appeared since then, I've welcomed the brief spell of anonymity.
On Monday, the cooler-than-thou Australian and New Zealand 'design and lifestyle' magazine, Lino, will publish a four or five page profile of me, featuring some of my new watercolours, my old enamels on board (and canvas), my sketches and photographic studies.
As usual, I probably won't look at it. My assistant will buy copies for my gallerists, my literary agent, and my best clients, and she'll file two copies in an archive box, along with all my other press.
It's not that I don't enjoy the attention. I love attention. Besides,
Lino has one of the most gifted editorial creative directors in the country, Rex Turnbull, and I know he has designed a fantastic-looking piece. It's just that I'm not the person they're writing about anymore. I hardly ever am. I've already moved on.


fooosco said...

I came here following a link to your art, which I find beautiful. By the way your blog is really interesting, too. I'll come back ! fooosco, an italian reader.

sue beyer said...

Cool! I will have to go and get a copy.

Garima Pal said...