Saturday, December 30, 2006

New Year's Resolution

I have learned not to make promises. I think of myself as a woman whose word is good but it makes me uncomfortable to be held to it too often. Which is to say I am someone who likes to keep her options open. I like to be able to embrace sudden change without having to give much of a toss about the expectations of others.
I don't make seasonal resolutions. No-one who knows me well would ever say I'm indecisive or fickle. It's just that I'm not too keen on self-imposed strictures, even benignly intentioned ones.
This New Year is a little different. I've decided that, from now on, I'm not going to waste any more time when it comes to my work. Over the past few years, so many weeks and months have disappeared into the sinkhole of prolonged, self-destructive depression that I'm almost too ashamed to look at a calendar.
Now I'm healthier, more loved, and better supported than at any other time in my life. When it comes to my art – or, rather, this passionate effort to create a meaningful body of work – as well as the rest of my life, I want to make every minute count.

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