Thursday, December 07, 2006

Twisted Knickers

I have a panty fetish – at least when it comes to art. A glimpse of panties in an image can be, at once, innocent, erotic and unsettling, and it turns the viewer into an unwary (and sometimes unwilling) voyeur. The colour of panties in my early paintings was meant to be symbolic. They were usually white or pink. Plain, unpatterned pink was, for me, a sexual hint.
I like lingerie, but I am - surprise, surprise! - particular about what I wear. Every now and then, I see something I really like. My first pair of pink panties were by Calvin Klein: a semi sheer bikini in a soft metallic hue. I bought the matching bra as well. Both have featured in the polaroid self-portraits I shot as studies for my paintings. Then I found some knickers in finely netted hot pink with orange elastic trim. I wore them in the studies for my
Lake Eyre paintings.
My boyfriend burst out laughing the first time I undressed in front of him, exposing those same pink knickers. Another woman might have been offended but it made me love him even more. It meant he understood – the symbolism, the joke, the innuendo, the irony, the protest, the trick. He got it all, in an instant.
He still loves seeing me in my pink panties but I know he loves my mind a lot more.


JaG said...

I love panties with weird patterns on them. My boyfriend is less amused by them though. Funny that I just posted a pair of them a few days back.

The Vamp Aesthetic said...

awesome photo.

Batman said...

Fascinating. This explains a lot, actually.