Monday, December 11, 2006

The Wedding Gift

I'm so tired at the moment. An old back injury has been irritated by painting at an awkward angle, leaning over the wide board. It's yet another of the downsides of my hard-edged, enamel work – and the tedious need for precision of line and surface smoothness. I'm sore and irritable. I have a lot of headaches. The enamel has burned a small ulcer inside my nose that bleeds all the time.
This will be one of my last enamel paintings. I can't do it anymore.
Still, I have to get it finished. I turn the music up loud, driving my assistant crazy as she tries to do accounts and paperwork. I think about the couple who have commissioned this work. They are getting married in January and my painting is their wedding gift to each other. It blows me away me to know that what they've chosen to celebrate their love is something I've created.

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