Monday, January 01, 2007

Tapping The Source

Sometimes I paint a picture and as soon as it's done, I wonder, "Where the hell did that come from?". It doesn't happen often – after all, I tend to be a control freak – and it's disconcerting because the picture usually bears no relation to anything I've done before. Still, it excites me because it can mean that that I've tapped into a new and unexplored layer of my subconscious and with it, the opportunity to deepen my work.
Of course, it can also be crap, random (even irrelevant) visual data that have somehow coalesced to form a simulacrum of real inspiration. I can't always tell. It takes time – or someone else – to examine the work to recognise it for what it is or what it might become.
That's the thing about art: there's nothing predictable about it. One can never rest easy.

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