Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Damaged Goods

I had been waiting on a delivery of frames from interstate. They were meant to arrive three days ago and each day since, I've had to reschedule a planned flight to Asia so I could be here to receive them. The frames are custom-made for me by a well-known craftsman in Brisbane, and are of archival standard. They are also rather delicate. If they're not perfectly constructed, with a pristine surface, I can't use them.
I'd booked the freight with the South Brisbane franchise of Pack & Send, on the clear understanding that they'd deliver them quickly to me in Sydney. I use a local franchise a lot and I have found their service impeccable. My mistake was assuming an interstate version would be as good.
They totally sucked. When the frames arrived, finally, the driver was alone. He expected me to unload them with him. He took little care - I only just stopped him from balancing one large frame on it's fragile corner - and he admitted having no experience in moving art. He had not even been instructed by the company that the frames were fragile. After several near disasters, I lost my temper, and began yelling and swearing. Only then did he begin to carry them more carefully.
I unwrapped them and of course, one was damaged. It will be time consuming to repair. Worse, it's the one I wanted to use straight away. I wrote to Pack & Send, whose grammatically challenged representative denied all responsibility: "I appreciatte [sic] that your [sic] feeling let down... Although I take your criticisms onboard I feel that you are holding me unfairly responsible. I gave passed [sic] on your criticisms of me to our Store owner for his consideration, thanks for your feedback."
Some days, all I want to do is beat the crap out of a punching bag. It works better for me than Valium.


sue beyer said...

I contacted this company through their website for a quote and never heard from them... I am glad I didn't hear from them after readomg what you have gone through.

crybaby said...

mat and i do boxing - very cathartic.

This Painting Life said...

Yeah it suks alright! Its hard enough getting all the components together and working, the content, the quality, the presentation, the PR without people making it even more difficult. Bastards!