Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A Map Of Me

I did a few, small, erotic watercolours today. I'm going to work on a larger scale with some of the ideas that emerged in them, this evening.
I've become intrigued by navigation and I've been reflecting on the value of surveying and documenting in order to discover how one arrives at a certain place, in a certain way, at a certain time. I have barely any documentation of my life to date, apart from my artwork, so I've begun retracing early memories in crude sketches. They form different sectors of a map linking all the places I've lived and my observations and experiences
during the years (or months or weeks) I was there.
The erotic pieces are my first attempts to map emotion. I wanted them to be cryptic – artefacts to be unraveled or deciphered, rather than read in a traditional sense by the viewer. I experience neither thoughts nor emotions in a simple narrative, and I wanted this new work to mimic the way I see, hear, and feel: which is to say, as fragments mostly and as colours and space – intense, if not always rational.

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iamonhold said...

my place: San Diego, CA, USA.

on navigation: I kept these sheets of perspective paper for years and through many moves. 3 months ago I moved to San Diego and happend upon living Koi Fish 2 blocks away at Balboa Park. On the perspective graph they appear identical but their differences in position give them identity. Throught their positioning they are unique. I like your thoughts on navigation and hope you'll post more.