Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The New Generation Me

I'm flying to Melbourne today to meet with the Director of Metro 5 Gallery , Andrea Candiani, one of my favorite gallerists (and people). He has asked me to exhibit under his gallery's auspices as part of New Generation Art , a component of Art Melbourne '07. Each New Generation artist has to be under 40, represented by a major commercial gallery, and "considered by the experts as the ones to watch in future years". I 'm always bemused by statements like that but I'm happy to be included nonetheless.
It's not really a group show. My work will be shown in a small, partitioned space of its own, about 4m x 3m. I'm planning to use every inch of it and include works done in various media, new and old. I want it to be a multi-dimensional experience, where people are surrounded by sensation rather than looking at individual works hung on the wall. There will be several individual works on sale, but I have complete freedom to make and present them in any way I want.
I'm relieved that I feel this way about showing in a venue sponsored by a commercial gallery. My first experiences with galleries were very much shaped by their predictable imperative to display 'product' for commercial gain. Although I've had a lot more freedom to do what I want in my relationship with Metro 5 over the past year or more, it's taken me a while to be at ease with it. Suddenly, now, it's as if all the restrictions I felt (or imposed upon myself) are finally, truly, falling away.


crybaby said...

woo hoo! sounds exciting.

i hope you have fun putting it together, i am sure it will look amazing.

Cookster said...

I'm sure that with Andrea at the helm it will all go really well. Metro 5 really has come a long way and Andrea has a great eye for spotting up and coming young artists. The latest art award features some fine talent.

sue beyer said...

Wow! that is fantastic. hope it goes well :-)

jrcombs said...

I wonder what your assessment will end up being in regards to how your works contrasts with the range of art one usually sees at Art Melbourne.