Saturday, February 17, 2007

Plotting A Position

I've been working on a proposal for a large, outdoor installation in Europe. The concepts revolve around navigation, identity, and memory, as well as the idea of intersections – or 'nodes' – of physical and metaphysical experience: those rare moments when incident, coincidence, inspiration and realisation collide or coalesce to become a larger, lasting experience, something burned into the psyche.
I'm done with just offering individual artworks to be viewed as an ‘exhibition’. I want to blur the demarcation between viewer and artwork.
My ideas are free-flowing and constantly evolving. I have a large pile of books to read - all of which are on what are still, to me, arcane subjects, including ancient Greek and Phoenician exploration and traditional Polynesian navigation. I've also been studying information architecture and the way it is translated into graphic design. I am trying to figure out how to translate abstract ideas into specific sensations and impressions.
As always, I’m impatient but
I am gradually learning a skill that is older than art itself - the art of finding one's way.

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