Sunday, March 04, 2007

Because the Night

By late afternoon, every day, I am tired of daylight. I long for dusk. I love the mystery of the dark, the shadows and shapes that loom from it. Everything looks more intense and three dimensional, instead of bleached and flattened by unfiltered sunlight.
I prefer to drive at night. I like that I cannot see everything, all at once. The world is revealed as I get closer, illuminated by headlamps, then it disappears again as I pass. It's like continually being shown something new. I love the sensation of subtle motion the night brings. Daylight makes everything look similar and static.
By day, I'm acutely aware of time passing, of the sun moving toward tomorrow. Night doesn't seem so linear or tightly structured. It feels more relaxed and peaceful. Still, I need the structure of the day. Which is why, despite preferring a nocturnal life, I get up early every morning and work a full day.
Then again, the night is my reward.

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The Painted Sky said...

I also long for dusk and enjoy nocturnal artistic activities. But alas, I am getting too old for the "allnighters".

PS.... I do enjoy seeing the time code on your posts :)