Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sex Trade

On Saturday morning, I slept in late. I woke to an insistent knocking at the front door. It was my cleaners, two lovely, middle-aged Asian women. Just as I was about to let them in, I glanced around the living room. Nearly every surface was littered with photographs (most of them print-outs from images downloaded from the web) and half-finished sketches of young Asian women engaged in various sexual acts. I scurried around the room, picking all of them up and hiding them in a large folder, before opening the door.
Elements of my new work skate the edge of hardcore pornography and although I've used porn' as source material before, particularly in the last series of enamels I exhibited, three years ago, I don't remember ever being quite so, umm, immersed in it. I've even become acquainted with a couple of well-known 'adult actresses' in Los Angeles. We email each other from time to time. Not so long ago, my boyfriend helped one of them out on a business matter and she offered to repay him with blowjobs. When I told her – once I'd stopped laughing and he'd stopped blushing – that I didn't think I'd be altogether comfortable with that, she said, "Oh baby, you and I are friends. I wasn't going to do them myself!"

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Bobby Shen said...

Haha at that "adult actress"! You have the most entertaining blog posts sometimes. Cheers from across the Tasman.