Thursday, March 15, 2007

Sexual Experiment

I've been experimenting with a combination of watercolour and acrylic on different types of paper for the series of mixed media works to which I've given the collective title, Sex Tourist.
When I'm not painting, I'm re-reading Platform, a provocative, satirical novel by Michel Houllebecq that, in part, revolves around the sex tourism of affluent, middle-aged males and females in S.E. Asia. The way the book is written unsettles me. Strewn through the pedestrian blandness of the bourgeois main characters and the somewhat sensationalist narrative are ideas and dialogue that I find by turns provocative, repulsive, nihilistic, tedious and funny. It's inspired me to take a similar approach with my new paintings, to try to channel the seductive yet ultimately soiling effect that Houllebecq's deadpan prose has on me. It's sort of like sex with someone with whom you have no emotional connection – and you don't have to be a sex worker to know what that's like.

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