Wednesday, March 14, 2007

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Last night, I went to a party to launch the Autumn issue of Art & Australia magazine at Ariel Booksellers, on Oxford Street, in Paddington. I was invited by its new(ish) editor, Katrina Schwarz. I rarely go to art-related functions anymore because my tolerance for fake amity and air kisses is at an all time low.
Thankfully, this party was different. It was low-key and friendly. I bumped into Vasili Kaliman, of Kaliman Gallery. He was there with one of his artists, Del Kathryn Barton. She and I have never met, although we've been lumped together in several 'up-and-coming-female-artists' articles since the beginnings of our careers.
The magazine had commissioned a sculpture by artist Louise Weaver to be featured on the Autumn cover and it was displayed at the party in a perspex box. Titled Guido Valdez (Vendetta for Love), it's a taxidermic Pacific Gull, enfolded in a gaudy, delicately hand knitted covering, with an asymetrical tinsel boa. (My clumsy description doesn't really do it justice.)
I hadn't expected to see an actual artwork there. I'm used to art parties being about everything but art. I was surprised - and delighted - that last night's was an exception.

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