Friday, April 20, 2007

Bed and Circuses

The circus surrounding the censorship of my Art Melbourne space continued today. Renault removed my artwork from their cars, as they said they would, and cancelled my appearance on the Today show. The Sun Herald newspaper sent a photographer to do a portrait of me standing in front of the white sheet on which, yesterday, I had scrawled 'CENSORED' in red lipstick, and Ashley Crawford, the respected art critic of The Age newspaper, asked his editor there if he could write about the incident. Even a news team from the national TV and radio broadcaster, ABC, interviewed me on the subject of artistic freedom.
Visitors continue to crowd the tiny, three metre by two metre space. The oddest thing: a few have begun adding their own objects to the Sex Tourist installation or using the cheap, old Polaroid camera that's part of it to create their own photographs, which they either leave on the unkempt bed or take away with them. I'm not sure what to make of this other than to appreciate the interaction – it enhances the artwork, making it somehow more alive than a mere painting in a frame. That said, the relationship between this replication of a cheap motel room, littered with the soiled evidence of recent fucking, and the story within the voyeuristic watercolours on the walls makes all the works I'm showing here more unsettling and meaningful.


Cookster said...

Great work Hazel - I just had to write about it on The Spin Starts Here... what a classic!

jennie Rosenbaum said...

Apparently the censored curtain created more interest rather than less which has to be good. Personally I loved the wet spot on the bed the most- it was unsettlingly real. it was great to see your works live, they have so much depth. they looked fantastic.

it was definitely one of the best displays at the show.

Daniel Sanger said...

wow! I love the movement in the hair! Great stuff!