Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Down To The Wire (Again)

I was up until four a.m. last night finishing the last of half a dozen watercolours for Art Melbourne '07. I now have to take them to be photographed and after that, to be framed. And there's still a lot more to do in the next 48 hours if I'm to be ready for this bloody event!
I have decided to drive down to Melbourne with the paintings. There isn't time to air-freight them. The hanging is on Thursday, the same day I also have to turn up for a photo shoot for Renault: they want me to pretend to apply my vinyl artwork to their cars for a newspaper photograph (I have already had a signwriter do the real work for me). I also have to assemble the various elements of a redacted version of my Sex Tourist installation which will provide a sort of context for the diaristic paintings. The work has already gained some prurient interest from Australia's leading news magazine, The Bulletin, which mentions it in their preview of the event today – Art Melbourne's PR person has rung in a panic to ask, "There isn't any full-frontal nudity is there? I mean, this is meant to be family-oriented!" Full-frontal is the least of it, I told her. I could barely stifle a wicked snicker.
I'll be staying in the city until Saturday. I'm having dinner with three of my favorite collectors and lunch with a well-known art critic. I'm appearing on a breakfast-time TV show on Friday – I did a phone interview with RRR, a local radio station, yesterday – as well as meeting with a couple of other journalists. I am going to my favorite beads retailer to buy some supplies.
Still, I haven't even left yet and I can't wait to come home.


bollweevil said...

good on you Hazel! I'd sooner spend a day challenged by your work than 5 minutes among the kiddy-friendly dishonesties.
Have a great time but don't forget to pack a shit-deflecting shirt
barbara bollweevil

Anonymous said...

I'm hunting around for a ride to Melbourne as I type this, hopefully will be there tonight (crossing fingers) Shit-deflecting shirt sounds like a brilliant idea, although hopefully most people will have the brains to see beyond the nudity. Looking forward to seeing your installation in person!