Thursday, April 26, 2007

Pieces Of My Heart (And Mind)

I was tired even before Art Melbourne, last week. I held up OK while I was there but since I got home, on Monday, I've been catching up on my sleep. Even when I've been awake, I haven't strayed far from my daybed. Wrapped in a duvet, with my laptop resting on my legs. I've answered a score of emails and updated my website.
This afternoon, I looked through a box of some of the small drawings and paintings that I make each day for my boyfriend. I give them to him in batches as tokens from my heart, love letters written in my most expressive language. They've become a record of the evolution of my work. I get anxious and overly self-conscious when I paint for a show or commission and yet I always feel at ease and free when I make something for him. I can explore – and, even better, play – with various media without pressure. Looking over the results, I recognised the seeds of so much of my recent work – scrawled quickly, confidently, on scraps of paper and canvas a year and more ago.

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