Saturday, April 14, 2007

Since When Did Popular Mean Good?

As I wrote a couple of days ago, I was asked to create a couple of images to be applied to half a dozen Renault cars to promote the French car company's involvement with Art Melbourne '07. There was too little time to paint or stencil them on the cars, so I have decided to use adhesive vinyl, laser-cut precisely by a local signwriting company. This also gives me an opportunity to offer them as a low-priced, unlimited edition – email my studio for further details.
I have yet to get over my disinclination to be involved in the event, despite the welcome, energising flurry of preparations for it. This jaded disinterest wasn't helped by finding out that the Renault New Generation Art component has been turned into a cheap, populist beauty contest. I can just imagine one of Art Melbourne's PR drones or a jittery geek at their web services company coming up with the idea: "Hey, wouldn't it be cool if the general public could cast a vote for their favorite artist? We could get the sponsor to offer, like, a prize. Artists like prizes, especially if it's money. It'll increase the web traffic and maybe get us a few more lines of press!"
Vote for me, vote for me! Ugh.

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