Thursday, April 12, 2007

Tears At Bedtime

Last night, in a fit of impatience and anger, I pulled out of Metro 5 Gallery's contingent for Renault New Generation Art at Art Melbourne '07. This morning, following an emotional, tear-filled (on both sides) discussion with Metro 5's Italian director, Andrea Candiani, I was back in it.
What was that all about? Don't even fucking ask.
I have spent nearly all day on the phone, working through a long list of logistical problems that range from finding the right bedroom furniture for the mini-installation based on my ongoing mixed-media work, Sex Tourist, to liaising with Renault Australia about creating a couple of simple stencil artworks to put on five Renault cars that will be used to promote the company's involvement with Art Melbourne. Renault wants me to apply the stencils to one of the cars in front of a live audience at the event on Friday, next week, while the morning TV show, Today, captures a little of it on tape. Early this evening, I had to meet with my framer to finalise how he might mount six large watercolours in shallow boxes made from custom-painted white timber mouldings.
Despite a residue of depression and weariness, I can't help but get into the frenetic pace of this last week of preparations for the Melbourne event. It's good to be busy again.

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janey said...

oo! when will u be on tv? good reason to get up earlier than noon.