Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Words And Pictures

For too long,
I kept my sexuality
to myself,
like some dark secret.

Still, curiosity oozed from my skin,

its scent an exotic pheromone.
I struggled to keep it at bay,

too afraid to surrender to it.
The last thing I expected

when I fell in love with him

was to find freedom.
Now I can explore the limits
of this
once hidden territory.
– my 'artist's statement', scrawled in crayon and paint on a white wall, for Sex Tourist, at Art Melbourne '07. (It opens tomorrow night.)
When I finished the watercolours for my mini-show,
which form a kind of abbreviated, manga-style narrative about an episode which I shared with my boyfriend, a year or so ago, I thought they should be placed in some sort of intellectual context. So I struggled to write the usual, circumlocutious, jargon-ladened text strewn with half-assed references to the writings of Foucault, Baudrillard and Bataille. A few hours later, I realised it was a wasted effort.
Just look at the pictures. With my own, immoderate words scrawled across them in colour pencil, they need no explanation at all.

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D Howard said...

Plain talk is better. A lot of didactics and art commentaries are serious waffle. References sometimes are used to bolster those who think it will add to their discussion or profile. So good to see that your keeping it straight,simple and raw.