Monday, May 07, 2007

Road Works

I like living and working on the move.
Whether I'm travelling for a few days or a few months, I carry the same two, small bags. My clothing and personal items are packed into a rectangular-shaped Sergio Rossi bag that I've had for years. It's made of a neoprene-like fabric,with wooden handles through which I can slide an arm. Among the items I always take are a small make-up bag, a few t-shirts and underpants, a pair of black, straight legged pants, a shirt, a dress, and a pair of shoes. I wear another skirt and a t-shirt, and carry a mid-weight jacket. If I need anything else, I buy it.
The other bag is a slim but strong, supple leather satchel by Rodd & Gunn and into this goes all my drawing and painting gear. I often sketch or write as I travel, so I like to have it near. Among the items that are always in it are a Leica CM film camera (now out of production), a dozen rolls of 35mm colour negative film (usually Fujifilm Pro 160C), half a dozen small tubes of Winsor & Newton watercolours, a Winsor & Newton A4 visual diary, two round, nylon brushes by
Drawell (encased in cardboard to keep the bristles straight), a small black leather pencil case containing lead 6B and 4B pencils, a Staedtler retractable eraser, a small metal pencil sharpener, Uniball Eye pens in black, one roll of wide duct tape, and my leather-bound journal.
Sometimes – rarely – I also carry paper, an Italian-made cold-pressed watercolour paper of a particular weight. I wrap the sheets in glassine paper, and sandwich them between two sheets of fibre-board. I tape the edges, then wrap the boards in plastic to protect them from moisture.
So where am I off to next? North. Soon. Somewhere warm. The best itineraries are never more specific than that.

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Matt S said...

Enjoy that Hazel. Nothing like that really, lovely.