Saturday, May 05, 2007

Street Hazed

I took a break from 'serious' art this weekend to paint a skateboard – more specifically, a colourful enamel for the underside of a multi-ply timber Sector9 'Bert Pintail' deck.
Such work doesn't come cheap. The first deck I painted was auctioned for the benefit of Boarding for Breast Cancer in New York , two years ago, along with others by Tony Alva, Julian Schnabel, Peter Beard, William Wegman, 50 Cent, and Lance Mountain (to name but a few). It sold for $US3,500. Nowadays, my decks sell for around $US4,500 and as I do only two or three a year, each different, they're reserved well in advance by a handful of my collectors.
I like doing them. Maybe it's a way of retaining a frayed connection with the youthful, post-punk roots of my art in graffiti and 'the street'. Maybe, too, it allows me to make art and yet not take it quite so seriously – what a fucking relief!

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crybaby said...

10 years since hazed. how do you feel?