Monday, June 04, 2007

Bar Fine For A Muse

I met Poy on a revolving carousel bar in the middle of a pedestrians-only alley off Walking Street, near Pattaya's central beachfront. She was sitting on a high stool, sipping a beer and staring blankly straight ahead, as her stool and a dozen like it circled clockwise around a narrow counter. She was small, round-faced and pale, with long black hair piled high into a brittle, hairsprayed beehive. A denim mini-skirt barely covered her short, brown legs and there were large Japanese-style tattooes on her bare legs and on her back and arms where they emerged from beneath an abbreviated, silver-sequinned halter-top. She had silver studs in her nose, lower lip and tongue, and looked like a cross between a pyschotic geisha and a 1950's Asian cheerleader gone wrong – Gogo Yubari before she graduated to O-ren Ishii's yakuza gang.
I paid a 'bar fine' to her mama-san just like any one of the hundreds of U.S. navy boys who were drag-netting the neighbourhood for girls-for-hire that night. She took my hand and pretended to be my date as we strolled up the street to a well-known hip-hop bar where we could sip soapy cocktails and grind our pelvises together as we danced to a live band.
Later, back at my hotel, she became shy as she'd stripped. It wasn't her nakedness. Somehow, exposing the full extent of her intricate, blue-black tattooes seemed suddenly very intimate. She stood still, smiling faintly, eyes closed, as I drew her – as if my pencil was a finger moving lightly over the ink outlines on her skin. Only after a couple of minutes did she cover her bare nipples with a fore-arm and cup her shaven pussy with a tiny hand.

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Jennie Rosenbaum said...

wow, her ink is amazing! I don't think I would have been able to resist her either, she sounds captivating. your trip sounds so inspirational, I cant wait to see what other works emerge from your time there.