Friday, June 22, 2007

Same Walls, Better Bunker

I've been re-organising my studio. After several months here, I have decided to unpack the remaining boxes and commit to spending half the next eighteen months or so in this space, in between my shows in Asia and Europe.
To be honest, I find it hard to settle. I am not sure I even know how. Still, I'm going to give it my best shot. I have bought a stack of modular plastic drawers and I have re-thought where I want to paint and where I want to handle my day-today administrative stuff. I have a desk and a comfortable chair. I've installed wi-fi and connected my stereo system to it. I've bought another stainless steel bookshelf. I have ordered a larger, queen-sized, Javanese teak daybed.
I have finished the last of the Kelly, The First Time series of watercolours. Now I have a two-metre high canvas on which I am going to begin painting during the next week or so. It feels good to be thinking about something new and on a larger scale.

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