Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Like Minds

I love it when I find someone of a similar similar age to me who is driven, bright and ambitious. These days, I get to know people mostly through work-related email or 'phone conversations. I end up with have a singular and not always accurate impression of them. Eventually, if we meet in person, I am intrigued as different layers of their personality are revealed. Sometimes, unexpected connections fall into place.
I had coffee with the features director of Vogue Australia yesterday. We had been in touch remotely several times before but it was a surprise to discover that in person, she was an erudite, witty, and well-educated young woman – not at all like the caricatures of catty fashionistas on Ugly Betty (yeah, I'm a sucker for prime-time TV!). I also discovered that she was the founder of a small but fast-rising fashion label called Mrs. Press. I'd saved a press clipping about Mrs. Press a while ago and had been waiting for its clothes to become available; they're the kind of beautifully reworked or restored vintage pieces that I adore. Among my favorites: a range of elegant silk and cotton blend slips that fasten with discreet rows of tiny pearlised buttons on loops of ribbon.
For a long time, I've only worn paint-smeared work clothes: faded black jeans and grey denim skirts, layers of cheap black t-shirts and 'op-shop' jumpers in dark colours. It was partly practicality, partly being too unwell, mentally and physically, to give a shit about anything but the essentials. But I've always loved fashion, especially couture. Meeting the imagination and personality behind clothes that I happen to be into makes it even more fun!

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