Thursday, June 21, 2007

Money Changes Everything

A few days ago, I found one of my drawings for sale at a well-known gallery. I was shocked. The drawing (in gel pens on paper) had once been the only one of my early works that I had kept – until I gave it to a close family member as a gift after they'd told much they liked it. All my work is tightly held so it's usually fun to see my pieces on the secondary market. When I saw this one for sale, I felt sick. It was if a part of me had been sold off – and by my own blood.
If it had been a more valuable work, maybe I could have rationalised the sale as a necessary solution to some pressing financial need.
Only recently, the same family member had sold some of my first paintings for tens of thousands. However, this work is of little monetary value and I doubt they would have received more than half a grand for it.
I'm ok with my art becoming a negotiable currency. It's an inevitable part of success. It just never occurred to me that a most personal gift to a family member might one day be cashed in.

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Cookster said...

Maybe $500 cash is a lot of money to this person right now?