Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tokyo Tremors

After a prolonged hiatus, plans for one or more shows in Tokyo, in late Spring, next year, have suddenly sprung to life. A set of dates has been confirmed, including an 'opening night' party at the Tokyo-based English architect, Mark Dytham's cooler-than-thou venue, Superdeluxe. I'll be heading there to finalise arrangements within the next couple of weeks.
I have shown once before in Japan, as part of a low-key group exhibition, but this will be my first solo outing, possibly covering not only my painting but also my photography and installation work. I'm unlikely to show in Australia for the next couple of years – I want to focus on Asia and Europe, where I have begun developing a modest base of collectors, instead – so I can't help but be a little nervous about the response of a whole new audience to my work.

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Dan McCool said...

Hazel, I wouldn't waste too much time or energy worrying. Your work is good (vast understatement) and your life is genuine (at least as represented on this blog). There is no doubt in my mind (and I imagine in yours as well) that you are the "real deal", as opposed to the myriad of poseurs out there who only dream of having one ounce of your talent or commitment. At a certain point,(and it appears to me that you have reached it) the audience no longer matters. You know that the work is genuine and valid, and we(your audience) are privileged and honored to be able to step into your world (if only for a few moments) via your work. Few of us will ever have the courage to expose as much of our psyches to the world as you do. Yours is a remarkable gift.