Wednesday, September 12, 2007


My small painting – 40cms x 50cms – from 2002, 21C Feminism: Resized for Easy Consumption, in high gloss enamel on board, sold at tonight's Deutscher-Menzies auction for $5,000. In other words, bidding reached the highest estimate for it published in the catalogue. This compares very favorably with the price for one of my much larger, early works, Death Angel, a 100cms by 150cms enamel on canvas painting from 1998 that Lawson-Menzies sold at auction in April, this year, for $12,000.
I'm thrilled!


Daniel Sanger said...

Congrats - That is fantastic!

drips of paint said...

This is only going to ... go ... going ... up!

jennie said...

congratulations! that's brilliant, and in such excellent company too.