Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Selling Of A Younger Soul

Tonight and tomorrow, two of my early enamel works, 21C Feminism: Resized for Easy Consumption (2002) and Homogenous Babes (1995, above), are to be auctioned by Deutscher-Menzies and Lawson-Menzies in Sydney.
auction includes a number of works by very well-known artists such as Damien Hirst, David Hockney and Jeff Smart so I was thrilled to discover that my name is among those mentioned by Adrian Newstead, the new managing director of Lawson-Menzies, in his introduction to the auction catalogue: "I am particularly excited that our specialists have collected a number of contemporary works, which represent many of our most exciting emerging Australian artists. Worthy of mention is our first lot, Anna Egger's Caroline (Lot 201) along with the beautiful glazed beakers, which have become Gwen Hansen Pigotts's signature works (lot 207). Also represented are Cherry Hood (Lot 202), Graham Altmann (Lot 205), Matthew Johnston (Lot 206), Hazel Dooney (Lot 208) and Angela Brennan (Lot 211) - each extraordinarily talented painters highly worthy of attention by serious collectors."

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