Saturday, September 15, 2007

Valet Of The Dolls

For my birthday, a month ago, two friends who also happen to be important collectors gave me a Blythe doll. I've always loved dolls, possibly because my mother went out of her way to discourage me from having them when I was a child, but none more than Blythe. There's something wonderfully sinister, even slightly deranged about the persistent vacancy in her cute, round-faced, manga-style expression. If I had more time, I'm sure I'd be obsessed with dressing and posing her.
Maybe not quite as obsessed as my friends, who have created a quasi-spiritual shrine to Blythe, her clothing and accessories in their home. They have built an impressive, well-considered collection of Australian contemporary art and photography but their Blythe shrine is far more unsettling, intellectually confronting and original than anything hanging on their walls. I was totally inspired by it!

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