Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Momentary Distractions

Every day, I try to do a small, emotionally driven sketch. Usually, they have no apparent relationship to whatever larger painting I'm working on. I just do them to keep my hand loose, my imagination more easily accessible. I don't plan them or think them through; I just draw, paint, sew or glue until something is done.
I refer back to these sketches from time to time. I often discover things in them that I can use in larger works, such as the Dangerous Career Babes series: a colour combination, a perspective, a texture, a play on shapes. Sometimes they alert me to a recurring theme or idea I've overlooked, which, if developed, might make all my work stronger.
They're also a way of clearing my mind. After finishing one, I'm refreshed, more alert to possibilities.


drips of paint said...

This is a creative mind shifted in gear ... but you knew that already.

sarah said...

That is such a beautiful expressive sketch. Your work just keeps getting stronger. I love the sense of abandon of these 'little drawings'...intense, compelling.

chris said...

please post again soon