Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Ghost Story

Every so often, I paint another in my series of light-hearted, fairytale-like watercolours about a solitary female ghost . The ghost is that of a young Korean woman who was my first female sexual partner. The few episodes of intense intimacy we had together informed a series of five, large, sexually graphic watercolours, Kelly, The First Time, that were exhibited at Art Melbourne, this year. I wasn't in love with the woman – hell, we weren't even close – but being with her freed my own troubled spirit and allowed me to begin to express my long-suppressed bi-sexuality without guilt or fear.
She died, suddenly, this year. That was the beginning of the watercolours. I wanted to do something delicate, untroubled and free, just as I prayed her ghost would be.
They aren't serious artworks. Still, they seem to have a life of their own. I paint them only occasionally and sell them to people whom I think might relate to them. Mostly, I give them to friends. None will ever be exhibited.
I never have to drag these small, diaphanous images out of me, unlike most of my other work. Instead, after haunting my imagination for a brief moment, they just float onto the page.


drips of paint said...

Shit (in a good way) ... your post is more and more captivating for me each time I come by ... my heart beat a little faster following your lines of writing ...

BrainOnFire said...

And I.. I love all the painting...
You are great.. it´s beautyful..
Love BrainOnFire, from Denmark..

Brian said...

HI Hazel,

This explanation gives a new resonance to the works ... I do enjoy your ambiguous writing and these sudden unexpected bursts of direct honesty or clarity are cause for serious thought. I appreciate being able to read it.