Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Picture Me Here, Now

I've started a visual diary of my everyday life. I've always used photography in some way in my work but this is more personal, observational, forensic.
I find it easy to live inside my head. Emotion amplifies my memories. This is good for my watercolour paintings because it allows me to blend intense feelings drawn from everyday life with dreams and images from my subconscious. Unfortunately, it isn't always good for me psychologically.
Keeping a visual diary helps me to see my day to day life as it really is. Everything has changed so much in the last three years that I feel like part of me is still catching up. Sometimes, I wake and think I am still in the past: I recognise my surroundings but the sense of being in another, earlier life persists. Reviewing images of my every day, and adding to them, helps me to be more a part of the present, and to navigate it better.
For this reason, I never go anywhere – not even to the local grocery store – without a camera. I have four: a Leica CM 35mm film camera, a Canon Digital IXUS 70 and my very first camera, a Pentax MZ-50 SLR, also using 35mm film. I prefer to use film rather than digital but I have grown addicted to the instant gratification, the immediacy, of digital. I also use an old Polaroid 600AF, a shitty, dime-store 'instant' camera that's been the 'workhorse' of my art-making for a decade or more.

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Zom said...

This is interesting. I have been art journaling for a while, and have just started to get more interested in visual journaling - more about my day to day life. Mostly because of what you said, to kind of ground me more into physical reality.

I find the lapse of time between taking the photo and getting it developed (being able to use it) frustrating though.