Sunday, November 18, 2007

Processed Painting

It has taken me a while to feel at ease doing the studies for my new series of oil on canvas paintings. I haven't worked in the 'hard-edged' style of my early works for a while and I always forget just how tedious and time-consuming it can be. When I was younger, I developed methods to make it quicker. It's taken me a while to remember them.
Initially, I make a lot of notes in order to 'visualise'. It's quicker than sketching. It allows me to move as fast as my thoughts, instead of as fast as my hand can go. I work out the idea of the painting, then write more notes about the details: how I want the pose, what 'props' might be involved, what they symbolise, and whether or not all of this will communicate the basic idea. It's all a form of problem-solving before I begin to draw – or as a friend of mine puts it, "gradually filtering all sorts of ideas to get to the heart of what you want to see, without knowing what exactly that is."
I often work out a pose using a mirror, then I photograph it on cheap Polaroid 600 film as a starting point for a sketch. Being my own model has always been an important conceptual part of the work.
Everything in the painting is decided in the drawing stage. So the drawing itself is re-worked – over and over again. I draw, cut, paste, photocopy, draw new parts, and white out others. I repeat this process sometimes hundreds of times.
Another part of the concept is perfection, as if the work has been machine-produced. I want all trace of human touch, of emotion, eliminated.

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drips of paint said...

It remind me of the time I was an architectural student using note/writing to help my visual thinking ... I have yet to use this approach to painting yet ...

your concept of painting and idea is very differnt then mine but that is what makes it intriging for me I enjoyed your description of your process.

About the idea of perfection ... the elimination of self and emotion ... would love to have understand and read a bit more from your point of view ... may be in a future post?

Also like to let you know that I have pass an award to you at my blog "roared" post ... I like for you to go check it out.

take care!