Thursday, December 06, 2007

Machine Work

I used a computer to finish the studies for my new series, Dangerous Career Babes.
I did most of the work in the same way I always have – using photography, pencil drawing, and collage – but I'm experimenting with processes to reduce the time it takes to complete each image. I ink and pencil a clean, simplified version of the initial drawing onto tracing paper, which I scan. This allows me to see the line work without being distracted by my under-working. Later, I use Photoshop to experiment with different colour combinations.
Inevitably, there are always elements of the drawing I want to improve. I print out several copies of the image and make changes by hand using ink and correction fluid. Sometimes I cut and paste sections of line work on-screen although I find this a pain in the ass. I much prefer using my hands, brushes, pencils – hell, anything! – to squinting at computer pixels. Besides, the process takes away the joy of unexpected discoveries I make when I work only by hand.
In the end, it's all about speed. These works are so labour intensive, repetitive and detailed that I just want them done.

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